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Summary - the first Blog was a challenge

Dear Reader
I herewith conclude my first blog experience with a review of the topic we have dealed with.

New Media - an insight left a foot print
I got a real insight of the dimensions, when the lesson was named "NEW MEDIA". To learn how Switzerland is permanently behind by using new media like blogs, twitter and so on, alarmed me personally. I got the point, that we need to push the knowledge and make a national effort in the direction of new media to keep up with Europe and the rest of the world. There our Professor first challenge the students, by presenting the usage of blogs in the US and other parts of the world, especially impressiv was the impact of this new media.

Until this moment for me Web 2.0 was everything around the "Like" Button. I personally made some experiences with the new features on facebook, when I created a "fan/group" page for a agritourissmo in Italy on facebook a while ago. I could observe the growing dynamic of this page and realized that the "Like" Button does improve the popularity of the agritourismo. Obviously because people like holidays and there fore the hit of the "Like" button was easy.
Agritourismo: CarlinCarlotta

For an other client I used google analytics to publish adds online and to track the interested users on his website. There I realized the importance of knowing how the users behaves on the website, is the main and I really mean THE MAIN information to become successful. Guiding the user to the right information on the right time makes the differenc, what you see in your pocket. (The hardest part in this section was to convince the boss about the necessity of this changes, as he was not a digital native). So lets move on to staging - what is the scene?


eBusiness & mBusiness and staging online

When I was working for the IKBS, a kinesiology school, I realized how important the right stage and how important the story is around the whole thing. The kinesiology school combines its formation with outdoor experiences which you realize from the start on, when you browse

The website is a convincingly presenting emotions of the formation of kinesiolgy in the galleries.

And what counts are the emotions, because the kinesiology therapy is obviously about the emotional world inside us, which is allways hidden. Therefore it is simple to present something, how you see it. It is a personal opinion, also this corporate identity of the kinesiology school.

My personal experience with kinesiology as a therapy had a big impact in my life. I found a way to be balanced regularly.

Storytelling - backflash
That sentences was like sharing the gift with the world, saying it in the word of stroytelling, as I presented above the different acts of the story with the kinesiology school.

And now preparing for the next call, is the question: Dear Reader maybe kinesiology could be also a way for you to find the inner balance?

Changing to the meta level now...the question above was on purpose to keep the readers mind busy. To keep the readers mind busy, thinking about himself is the best way to attache him to a service or product with his feelings. It is only the question when you should involve the reader/client more, to attache him / catch him.

eBusiness & mBusiness
If you don't mind I like to stay by the kinesiology school. I indicated my personal involvement, that I need to specify: I did the formation of kinesiology at the IKBS ending it in 2000. I never actually opened up a cabinet for the clients. I just did this formation for myself.
BUT what I started, was, helping the owner of the school doing there marketing. We first only wanted to present the information on a simple Frontpage Website until we understood that the customers like to express themselfs. therefore we generated feedback instrument to listen to the clients voice. Today I am aware, that you can do this professionally, as I learned. Then we just did what we thought, was useful.

Today even the owners hobby - Fotografy - is placed on the website. Clients and everybody else can buy his picture as calendars.

The website reflects a value management via website for a complex service. To present therapy via website is a challenge, we have eventually mastered.

Customer relation management - I have to do it professionally
When I do the reflection on what was important, CRM is on the first balcony! The presentation was done by a senior sales representative. It was good to see an other face for a change, by the way.

That details about the customer can be analyzed and the data stored I knew a little. But the presentation change my point of view. I know now, that I know nothing at all. I used Filemaker in the past and now I use an Excel sheet, shame on me : (

So now the time is up. I have overdone it by the length of the text allready.

With a view on a digital future, I conclude by saying thank you very much Prof. Bucher for your effort and your passion. The information increased my knowledge greatly and to write a blog was challengy me personally.

Thank you Reader, when you have made it so far. That was it!!

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